When do General Dentists Recommend Night Guard Treatment?

Posted on: February 10, 2021

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Looking for more information on night guard treatment? Bruxism is a term used for people who grind and/or clench their teeth, which can be done during the day and/or during the night. Those who grind at night often experience damaged teeth, which can be addressed by using a night guard. Ready to learn more?

General dentists treat clenching, grinding

Individuals that experience tooth-related problems that are negatively affecting the overall health of the mouth require the help of a general dentist. In the case of bruxism or jaw clenching, a night guard may be the appropriate solution. 

The best way to know whether or not night guard treatment is needed is to be evaluated by a general dentist. General dentists have undergone the extensive training that allows them to treat people who grind and/or clench their teeth, with night guard treatment being one of the more common treatments utilized.

Protecting teeth from damage

The information below explains when general dentists will recommend night guard treatment. When suffering from jaw clenching or teeth grinding, it can be helpful to thoroughly review the following information. 

When teeth start to flatten, fracture, chip or become loose

When someone grinds and/or clenches their teeth during the night, their teeth are not protected from any possible damage due to participating in this act. This is because many people are not aware of what they are doing when they are sleeping. They often do not realize they are causing damage to their teeth until they start to actually see the damage. Some of the more common types of damage include flattened teeth, fractured teeth, chipped teeth and loose teeth, which can all be prevented by wearing a night guard.

When patients start experiencing increased tooth sensitivity

The constant act of grinding and/or clenching one’s teeth will eventually begin to wear down the enamel of their teeth. Once someone starts to experience a loss of tooth enamel, they will also start experiencing an increase in the overall sensitivity of their teeth. This means when eating hot, cold or sweet foods, some level of sensitivity will be experienced. This sensitivity can be minimal or it can be extreme, which can result in difficulty eating or drinking. 

Additionally, weakened enamel can result in less strength and durability. Over time, the teeth can break down and become susceptible to decay, cracking or chipping. 

Side effects

Individuals that grind their teeth or clench their jaw may also suffer from other symptoms, such as headaches, soreness in the jaw and difficulty sleeping through the night. When these symptoms start to become regular, a general dentist may take note of them and recommend a night guard. 


Those that suffer from jaw clenching or teeth grinding should visit a dentist quickly to determine the appropriate course of treatment, which may begin with a night guard. To find out more or to get started with an appointment, reach out today. 

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