A Regular Dental Check-Up Is Important for Your Overall Health

Posted on: December 2, 2016

DentalOur Brandon dental office can provide you with a dental check-up, and we encourage you to schedule one for twice a year. These visits are critical to maintaining lifelong oral health because of what they allow us to do. Whether you brush once a day or several times a day, it is difficult to reach every area of your mouth simply because you cannot see everything that you are doing, nor can your toothbrush reach certain places. This means that there will be some plaque buildup that needs to be removed. We can do so during your exam and teeth cleaning appointment.

What is the big deal with plaque anyway?

Many of our patients want to know why it is important to remove plaque from their teeth. Very simply, plaque is a filmy substance that contains harmful bacteria that can begin to attack your teeth. As it does, you can get cavities and an infection. If plaque builds up underneath your gum tissue, the problem can become worse as it leads to gum disease at which point, your gums could recede, and you could eventually experience bone loss and tooth loss. While seemingly simple, plaque is the enemy of good oral health. When we remove it, we are simultaneously preventing many common oral health problems and saving you the time, money, and inconvenience associated with having them.

What else do you look for?

During your dental check-up, we will look for signs of oral cancer. This type of cancer is not widely discussed, but it is a serious disease that claims one life every hour. Those that smoke, use chewing tobacco, drink a lot of alcohol, or overexpose themselves to the sun, are all at an increased risk. However, oral cancer has also been linked to HPV, and anyone can get it. This makes us the first line of defense in fighting the disease. While examining your teeth and gums, we will also look for red and white bumps, rough patches, hard lumps and growths. If we identify anything that appears cancerous we will probably biopsy it or recommend that you have this done. That way, the tissue sample can be tested in the lab to determine if there are any cancerous cells. If there are, you will need to work with an oncologist right away to develop a treatment plan. Anytime that cancer is involved, early detection and treatment is critical for fighting the disease. By conducting a dental check-up and thorough examination once or twice a year, we create the opportunity to do so. Letting it remain unchecked, can be severely detrimental to your health.

What else can you do for me?

In addition to preventative care, we are a restorative dentist that can bring your damaged teeth back to good health and a beautiful appearance. We can also correct things that you do not like about the appearance of your smile, including covering dark stains, closing gaps in between your teeth, and changing the shape and size of your teeth. For more information, give us a call at (601) 533-4788.


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