How Long Will a Dental Inlay Last?

Posted on: January 9, 2024

Dental Inlay Brandon, MS

A dental inlay can last between five to 20 years.The lifespan of a dental inlay depends on certain factors. For instance, a dental inlay that suffers extensive wear and tear and does not get adequate care will probably not last a long time. If you clean the dental restoration and practice good oral care, it will stand a better chance and survive more years of use.

Overview of dental inlays

A dental inlay is formed in a dental lab from highly durable materials, such as porcelain or composite. It is considered a conservative restoration because they preserve most of the tooth’s structure. By restoring the structure of the tooth, it is possible to maximize the cosmetic appeal of the teeth. The restoration is also matched to the existing tooth so it is completely indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth.

A dental inlay is used to repair a natural tooth that has suffered extensive damage that cannot be fixed with a tooth filling but is not severe enough to need a dental crown. The restoration is placed on the chewing surface of the teeth between the cusps.

Factors that determine the lifespan of dental inlays

A person’s oral hygiene habits play a major role in determining whether their dental inlay will stand the test of time. A person’s habits regarding their oral cavity make a significant difference regarding whether a dental inlay fails prematurely or continues to serve its purpose several years into the future. A dental inlay requires proper care, as well as regular professional checkups at the dental office.

Aside from brushing and flossing the teeth at least twice per day, patients can also extend the lifespan of their dental inlay by shunning bad oral habits, such as grinding or clenching the teeth, chewing on hard substances or playing sports without a mouthguard. Many times, patients engage in teeth grinding at night unconsciously. It is advisable to talk to the dental professional about getting a lasting solution before the habit compromises the tooth’s structure.

How long should a dental inlay last?

It is hard to provide an accurate estimate of how long the dental inlay will last. At the minimum, one can expect to get about five years of use from a dental inlay. At most and with proper care, patients can get up to two decades from the inlay. These figures are only estimates; some people may have their dental restoration for a lifetime. On average, the inlay may last for 10 years.

Final note

The lifespan of a dental inlay depends on the level of care it gets. Certain bad habits put undue pressure on the teeth, which may damage the restoration. If you are looking to get dental inlays, contact the dental office to get started.

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