Avoid Discomfort by Visiting Us for a Non-Surgical Root Canal

Posted on: May 30, 2016

Non-Surgical Root CanalWe can provide you with a non-surgical root canal to improve your oral health.  It is critical that you have an infected tooth treated right away and a root canal is often required in order to do so. Many people call our office complaining of a toothache or dental pain and the reason can often be traced back to an infection in the center of the tooth or dental pulp. This is the area where your roots run through, so if your dental pulp becomes infected you can see how this would naturally create a significant level of discomfort or pain. This has led to the root canal itself having a bad reputation. However, it is not the procedure that causes discomfort so much as the actual infection prior to having the tooth work done. Still, old methods of dentistry were not exactly comfortable and that is why it is best for you to visit our office for a modern, non-surgical root canal so that you can remain relaxed while having your tooth worked on.

Why We Perform a Non-Surgical Root Canal

The main reason for performing a root canal is to remove the infection from within the inside of a tooth. Typically the dental pulp becomes infected so we must create a hole in the tooth and use that hole to extract the infected area.

Benefits of a Non-Surgical Root Canal

When you visit our clinic for a non-surgical root canal, the infection causing your pain can be eliminated, but we do so in a way that is minimally invasive. This means that you will not need to be heavily sedated and that you will not experience any discomfort due to the anesthesia we provide you.  It also means that you will recover quickly from this procedure.

Schedule an Appointment and Improve Your Oral Health

We want your teeth to be as healthy as possible. This means that we are always on the lookout for signs of decay or infection. If you visit our office twice a year it will be possible for us to identify these signs early on which may prevent the need for you to ever have a root canal. Since typically this will start as decay, we can often remove the decay before it spreads into the center of your tooth, creating the need for this comprehensive procedure.  In this way , preventive care is your best defense against decay, infections, and a root canal. However, if you do develop an infection it is best for you to visit our office so that you can receive the benefits of a root canal without the need for surgery. To learn more about this procedure or to schedule your appointment call our office today.

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