How a Dentist Can Help Alleviate Anxiety Over a Tooth Extraction

There are several reasons your dentist may choose to remove your tooth.

How Often Should You Get a Teeth Cleaning?

As a general rule, the American Dental Association recommends that everyone, regardless of age, get a professional teeth cleaning twice a year (every six months).

Six Month Smiles®: What Is It?

These clear braces are a popular option for straightening teeth. Not only are they safe and comfortable to wear, but also they tend to produce results faster.

What a Family Dentist Looks for During an Exam

During a visit with a family dentist, they will likely order dental X-rays and conduct a thorough dental examination.

When a General Dentist Might Recommend a Dental Bridge

While, of course, general dentists will need to examine the missing tooth (or section of missing teeth) that may need the bridge before deciding if it is a viable option, having a general understanding of when they are recommended can help you feel more confident before the visit

Four Benefits of a Dental Cleaning

Everyone should be able to enjoy a fresh, clean, and healthy smile at all times.

When Same Day Dentures are Recommended

Same-day teeth are also ideal if you want to get your full set of teeth back as soon as possible after a major dental procedure like tooth extraction or gum surgery.

Can a Dental Crown Fall Out?

Depending on your situation, the crown can either be refitted or replaced.

Contraindications to Dental Implant Placement

Read more about the contraindications for a dental implant procedure that may mean a patient should explore other tooth replacement options. #dentalimplant

Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Your Gums

Some of the treatments that can be used to improve the way a person’s gum tissues complement their teeth include:.