When Same Day Dentures are Recommended

Same-day teeth are also ideal if you want to get your full set of teeth back as soon as possible after a major dental procedure like tooth extraction or gum surgery.

Can a Dental Crown Fall Out?

Depending on your situation, the crown can either be refitted or replaced.

Contraindications to Dental Implant Placement

Read more about the contraindications for a dental implant procedure that may mean a patient should explore other tooth replacement options. #dentalimplant

Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Your Gums

Some of the treatments that can be used to improve the way a person’s gum tissues complement their teeth include:.

When Would a Dentist Recommend Dental Veneers?

This can cause serious dental issues if the problem is not put in check quickly.

Dental Restoration Options: What Is a Dental Inlay?

Learn what a dental inlay is. A dental inlay is a type of indirect restoration option that helps save teeth from being lost forever. #DentalInlay

What to Expect at a Professional Dental Cleaning

Fluoride treatment may also be applied, depending on the strength of the patient’s enamel.

The Two Options With Six Month Smiles

The two options for Six Month Smiles® treatment are invisible aligners and clear braces. One may be preferable to another in certain situations, and understanding the pros and cons of each option can help you decide which treatment is right […] Continue Reading

When a Tooth Abscess Is a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies include things like extreme toothaches, dislodged or broken teeth, cracks, and abscessed teeth. When a tooth becomes abscessed, it does not always present emergent symptoms, which is typically a good thing. However, when a tooth abscess is serious, […] Continue Reading

What to Ask Your General Dentist About Clear Braces for Teeth Straightening

Most people prefer discreet clear braces to traditional ones. These teeth-straightening systems are either clear plastic aligners or ceramic braces. Your dentist can tell you more about them during your consultation. If you want to ask your general dentist about […] Continue Reading